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“Let us dine together”

In this simple phrase, we put hope—hope of a couple of events/feelings springing from this place and fluttering afar.

One: We hope you take a delight in sharing the space (or possibly a table) and time while enjoying our meals,
Together with your significant other; or
With travelers/locals who happen to be around.
Whether you have come dine with a large group of people or by yourself, we hope you find something special in this shared space.

We certainly don’t want to be meddlesome or overly friendly; We’ll shoot for something along the lines of—when our eyes meet,
we cannot help but smile—OK, maybe some of us would just simper.
Such a time would add a real charm to the dining bar and hotel.

Two: We hope you take a bite of stories of people behind the produce.
There are meals that just slip through your mouth and throat almost unnoticed; and then there are meals of your life.
We don’t want your experience—encounter with your meal—to be bland.
To that end, we visit the producers, listen to them, and try to find out thoughts and hearts they put into the produce.
It would be our utmost pleasure if we can provide an opportunity to share their stories along with and through the foods and drinks we serve.

We hope this place becomes a roundtable where you the customers, people behind the produce, and we the staff all come to sit together.
“Let us dine together”


BREAKFAST 7:00-10:30 (L.O 10:00)
CAFE & LUNCH 11:30-15:00 (L.O 14:30)
DINING & BAR 16:00-23:00 (L.O 22:00)

TEL 03-6802-4437


Make your original breakfast!

Mornings can get busy. While you might feel the desire to explore the neighborhood immediately, we think that you deserve a creative and healthy breakfast.
Just like painting on your own canvas, create a unique sandwich by combining your favorite ingredients from a curated selection of breads, fresh vegetables from various farmers located all over Japan and homemade salad dressings and seasonings.
Our baristas meticulously prepare each cup of coffee which is carefully paired with your sandwich.
We wish to provide a moment in the morning that radiates with good vibes and smiles so that your day is filled with wonderful encounters.


Relieved time

In every hotel, time at a cafe is a moment to relax and take a breath.
Some people will enjoy lunch with friends, other guests might take their time and think about their next destination while sipping on a cup of coffee and for some others, it might be great timing for a good book and something sweet to eat.
We wish to help you spend an enjoyable afternoon in your own ideal way, while letting your mind gently rests for a well deserved break.


Remember the moments

Guests returning from a day of exciting discoveries…Local neighbors searching for new tastes to try...
We wish for them to create encounters that only happen once in a lifetime which keep a place in their hearts forever as an unforgettable dinner.
In order to provide such a moment, we use only fresh vegetables from farmers all over Japan and ingredients we put our trust in for our menu. We also provide a rich selection of Japan-made craft beers, craft gins and natural wines.


Capture seasonal flavors

In these days, we have easier access to ingredients available year-round. However, in Japan, the cultural habit of enjoying ingredients according to the four seasons has been appreciated for a long time and is still well alive now. To ensure that you do not miss out on Japan's changing seasonal gift, we would like you to slow down to enjoy and remember how extraordinary was your day, all the while sipping on a drink packed with rich seasonal flavours to discover.